The Ugliest And Most Formidable Fishes! Do You Dare To Kiss Them?

More than 30,000 species inhabit Earth’s oceans. Among them are species of fish familiar to all from menus and aquariums. However, if you are patient and peer long enough beneath the surface you can encounter species of fish with the most otherworldly appearances—from those with horrifying fangs to swimmers with psychedelic patterns.

1. Box Fish

Found in reefs throughout the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic Oceans, this polka dot fish is curiously cubic in its proportions. Although they are colored bright yellow then younger, these small fish turn a blue-gray as they start to age.

2. Blob Fish – Ugly princess

The aptly-named blobfish is now in danger of being wiped out which can grow up to 12 inches, lives at depths of up to 900m making it rarely seen by humans. But thanks to increasing fishing of the seas Down Under, the fish is being dragged up with other catches. Despite being inedible, the blobfish unluckily lives at the same depths as other more appetizing ocean organisms, including crab and lobster.

3. Red-lipped batfish

Found on the bottom of the ocean, this strange-looking creature seems like it’s ready for a night on the town with its bright red lips. Adapted over time to walk and stand on its modified pectoral and pelvic fins, it also has its own built-in fishing rod snout that has a retractable appendage it can use to lure prey close to its mouth before they meet an unfortunate end.

4. Whitemargin Stargazer

The Whitemargin stargazer is also known as the pop-eye fish as these curious creatures spend long periods buried with only the eyes and mouth showing until they can catch unsuspecting prey. Another weird fact about this fish is that it has electric organs in its body, allowing it can fire a deadly 50 volts into its next meal.

5. Fangtooth Fish

Fangtooth fish have a truly terrifying appearance, with disproportionately vampiric fangs that are the largest in the ocean in proportion to body size. However, despite its blood-curdling appearance, the Fangtooth fish is harmless to humans due to its small size and preference for living deep down in the ocean.
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