How to grow and care for melons into rectangles and hearts

Speaking of square watermelons, we immediately think of Japan. Because the country of the Rising Sun is the place to “open” the unique fruit shaping technology, applying science and technology to agriculture.
Despite the lack of outstanding sweetness, square watermelons are still favored by many Japanese farmers due to their ease of storage, packaging, and cutting. Not only that, this square melon variety also brings super high profits to Japanese farmers.
Square watermelons are increasingly being grown by Japanese farmers due to the advantage of this fruit’s shape, according to Mother Nature Network. Compared to round watermelons that are both difficult to store and difficult to cut, square watermelons can be easily stacked in small refrigerators popular in many Japanese homes.Going back to the 1980s, square watermelon was born by the hands of a real Japanese farmer. Specifically, he found that a square melon saves space when kept in the refrigerator and is easier to transport than a large, round melon lying around.
And to solve that situation, he cleverly placed a square, hard glass box around the melons when they were young. He successfully pressed a normally round watermelon into a perfect square. Unexpectedly, this technique actually has practical applications and is well received by many people. Square watermelons that are the right size for the refrigerator can help Japanese people store and preserve melons in the most convenient and accurate way in the refrigerator.
Samantha Winters from the National Watermelon Promotion Council in Orlando, Florida, USA shared: “The reason the Japanese created square melons was because of the lack of space, and the result was really different. ”
How to make a square watermelon?
According to Japanese melon growers, the best time for melons to be pressed into the mold is when the melon is about 40 days old.
It should also be added that, especially for watermelons, the shaping mold must be made of glass to achieve the highest quality, other materials will make the melon easy to crack and break the stem. Moreover, the box covered with melons must be transparent so that light can penetrate inside.
The care of melons is also a little more special than usual. When it is sunny, growers must stand up the melon to grow evenly, when it rains, place it horizontally so that the melon does not get diseased.
Or even when watering, only water close to the root; and watered several times a day. About 5 days before harvest, growers will stop watering to make melons sweet, firm and preserved for longer.
From this idea of ​​growing square watermelons, Japanese farmers have created many new shapes such as hearts, triangles, etc., which are very special.
Let’s have a look at Japanese square watermelon. What does it look like inside? in the video below.
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