The Strangest Plants We Think Don’t Exist !

Nepenthes, Monkey Cups, or Tropical Pitcher plants are impressive plants needing humidity and warmth. They can be divided into two main groups – highland plants and lowland plants, but there is some cross-over where you find the intermediate ones. They produce two types of traps – lower traps formed on lower growth and upper pitchers formed when the plants get larger and start to climb.
Echinocereus rigidissimus
Echinocereus grows to a height rigid up to 30 cm, and a width of 11 cm when mature, with pectinate radial spines curved slightly towards the stem, the new spines are initially reddish to magenta and fades to a yellow or light pink color when they mature. Echinocereus rigidissimus, flowers in flushes throughout the spring season, with multiple buds borne atop the plant from younger areoles, the flowers are bright pink in color with a white colored throat. If pollination is successful, Echinocereus rigidissimus forms circular shaped, greenish to dark purplish fruit, with white flesh and dark brown to black seeds approximately 3 months after flowering.
Dead Horse Arum
The hairiness seen on the flower of this species is not typical of the family, but the surprisingly unattractive aroma—it’s called dead horse arum for a reason—is not so unusual. Many arums are pollinated by the kinds of flies which are attracted to carrion. If a flower smells like rotting meat (or something worse), it will attract these potential pollinators. Another surprising ability of this plant is that it generates heat as the flowers mature and emit their scent. This seems to make them even more irresistible to the unsuspecting flies, which probably imagine they have found a warm and wonderful, freshly decomposing mammal carcass to lay their eggs on.
Elephant Foot Yam
Elephant Foot Yam is perhaps one of the ugliest flowers in the world and to accompany it, it has one of the worst scents that you can imagine. It’s hard to get close to the flower when it’s releasing its smell. But the foul odor only lasts for a few hours after the flower opens. The plant only blooms when mature and even so it doesn’t bloom every year. Flowers last only about 5 days. Even more interesting, during this phase the plant generates heat. The heat and the smell mimics rotting flesh to attract the flies that will pollinate the flower.
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