1.Jarcho-Levin Syndrome

A four-foot performer with a condition that made her skeleton grow in a c-shape now blows strangers away with her incredible dancing.
Tiffany Geigel, 32, from Brooklyn in New York, USA, has Jarcho-Levin Syndrome (JLS) a bone growth disorder that meant her spine formed into a curve, making her torso shorter than average (3ft 9)
Due to the way her spine grew, she is only four-foot tall and despite her organs being compacted she has been declared one of the healthiest people with her condition.

2. Melanie Gaidos

Melanie Gaidos suffers from a rare genetic disorder – ectodermal dysplasia. This disease affects the development of skin, hair and nails, and sometimes the formation of bones. Ectodermal dysplasia affects everyone differently. Gaidos has a severe form, which doomed her to frightened looks from others and unflattering comments about her appearance.

3. Samantha Ramsdel

A US woman has set a record for having the largest mouth gape of any woman in the world. With a larger-than-life mouth, the 31-year-old from Connecticut has bagged the Guinness World Record in the female category. With a capacious gape of 6.52 cm i.e. 2.56 inches, she was confirmed for sporting the world’s biggest mouth gape. Samantha Ramsdell’s sizable jaw has landed her more than 1 million followers on TikTok. She claims she can fit a whole apple in her world-record meatball muncher. She showed off the unusually giant size of her mouth in several videos she posted on social media.

4. Barber Say Syndrome

Barber Say syndrome (BSS) is a rare cutaneous dysplasia with neonatal onset characterized by congenital generalized hirsutism, skin atrophy, ectropion, and macrostomia. below is a one day old girl with syndromic face, low hairline, rough face, large lips, thin upper lip, bilateral growth and enlargement, hirsutism, aging skin, reduced nipples and a slight atrophy of the skin.

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