If This Was Not Recorded, No One Would Believe it See

Slime On Road 
Thirteen containers of slime eels, weighing 7,500 pounds, spilled onto the highway on Thursday after the truck driver transporting the cargo hit his brakes to avoid a construction zone.
One of the containers struck a car traveling in the opposite direction, causing a four-vehicle pileup. One driver sustained a minor injury.The accident happened at noon and the road was cleared for two-way traffic by 3:30 p.m., but not before the slime was removed.
Pictures of the accident show hundreds of live slime eels sliding down the road in a thick, white goo.
Pacarana Showering 
According to Jose, he walked into his bathroom on Saturday morning and found the little rat scrubbing away at itself in the sink.
The rat carried on scrubbing away, completely uncaring that it was being filmed, the fluffy little exhibitionist.
Sea Lamprey Panic Response
Key to the study is result that shows that an odour from dead lampreys can help control the behaviour of living lampreys.
Put simply when sea lampreys smell the scent of their dead brethren, they panic and flee.
Monkey Of Jakarta
This is a particularly cruel practice where juvenile macaques are forced to perform (dance, ride bikes) in the crowded and busy streets of Jakarta.
Each year, thousands of long tailed macaques are bred and captured from the wild for sale in Jakarta where they face a life of exploitation and cruelty.
The macaques can be seen kept on short chains, on the street and often in front of the owner’s house. While growing up to adulthood, the chain often grows into the skin, leading to horrific infections and tetanus. Macaques are highly social creatures and in need of social contact. Macaques also form potential health hazards in urban areas due to the likeliness of disease transfer.
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