11 Most Unusual Kids in the World

Mehlani Dickerson 
Depending on its severity, the Axenfeld-Rieger is typically apparent almost immediately. Mehlani was diagnosed with the syndrome in the first week of her life.Children born with Axenfeld-Rieger often have small or nearly non-existent irises, so their eyes appear to be missing the colored part of their eyes.The hole at the center of the eye, the pupil, maybe off center, or misshapen. Some with the condition even have multiple pupils.Light enters the eye through the pupil, so children like Mehlani with unusually shaped or multiple pupils are often unusually sensitive to light.Mehlani’s left eye has the hints of iris in one corner, but otherwise it is entirely pupil, as is her whole right eye.
Virsaviya Borun-Goncharova 
Virsaviya Borun-Goncharova, 11, was born with an extremely rare condition called Pentalogy of Cantrell. It caused her rib cage and abdominal muscles to not form properly during her mother’s pregnancy. The condition, which only affects about one in a million people, doesn’t cause her any pain in day-to-day life but does leave her heart exposed as it lies just below the surface of the skin.
Lydian Nadhaswaram 
In a world full of accomplished musicians and veteran pianists, one young boy from Chennai stands tall. It became obvious very early on that Lydian Nadhaswaram was destined for great things. The 12-year-old boy can effortlessly tap away at the piano at mind-boggling speed, and at the same time deliver soulful pieces as his fingers gently pitter-patter across his prized Steinway, a gift from across the world. And recently, the child prodigy took to the world stage and stunned the judges on CBS show The World’s Best. From Golden Globe Award.
Isaiah Bird 
Born without legs, Isaiah Bird has become a wrestling champion in Long Beach, New York. In his fifth year on the wrestling team, he went 27-12. Isaiah has become the one to beat.The 9-year-old is one of the states top wrestlers in his age group. Excelling in every sport he tries, Isaiah plays soccer, runs track, swims, surfs and skateboards.

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