Touching These Things Is Like Touching The God Of Death

In the world there are ferocious wild animals that can cause scary attacks on humans, but also animals that seem easy to tame and tame into pets. can cause the most terrible attacks of wild animals on humans.

1 Asian cobra

Asian cobra

Cobras are deadly venomous snakes found in Asia and Africa. Normally, the body of this snake is similar to that of any other snake, but they also have the ability to flatten their heads into a hood shape. Therefore, this snake is also known as cobra. They stretch their necks wide when in danger or provoked. In this way, the snake will disguise its body to be much larger than normal, helping the snake to threaten enemies. The cobra is venomous. They often attack when provoked or threatened. Anyone bitten by this venomous snake will die within 30 minutes of the poison causing respiratory failure, resulting in suffocation and paralysis of the diaphragm. Cobras usually eat mice, birds and frogs. The most formidable opponents capable of defeating cobras in the wild are civets, birds of prey, and humans. The special thing that makes cobras classified as dangerous, because it has venom, especially can spray directly into the eyes of the opponent, including humans when attacked.

2.Australian funnel web spider

Australian funnel web spider

The funnel web spider is a venomous Australian spider whose bite can kill an adult in half an hour. About 40 people are bitten by funnel web spiders each year but only 13 deaths have been recorded and no deaths have been reported since the antidote in 1981.

3.Blue Spotted Octopus

Blue Spotted Octopus

An animal native to the Pacific Ocean, the blue-spotted octopus has enough poison to kill 26 people within minutes. However, there are very few deaths caused by these animals but you are better off not touching them.

4. Poisonous golden dart frog

This is the most dangerous amphibian. Found in the rainforests of Colombia, the golden dart frog is no more than 5cm long but contains enough poison to kill 10 people.

5. Box jellyfish

Box jellyfish

Several species of deadly box jellyfish are found mainly in the Indo-Pacific region and northern Australia, with the Australian box jellyfish being the deadliest of all marine species. . Animals including humans unfortunately attacked by them can suffer paralysis, cardiac arrest and even death within minutes.

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