Strange diseases that only one in a million people have !

Argyria is a rare disease caused by the chronic absorption silver content products which surpass the body’s kidney and liver excretory capacities, leading to silver granules being deposited in the skin and its appendages, mucosae and internal organs, marrow and central nervous system), and causing them to acquire a blue-grey pigmentation ). Argyria is characterized by gray to gray-black staining of the skin and mucous membranes produced by silver deposition. Silver may be deposited in the skin either from industrial exposure or as a result of medications containing silver salts. The amount of absorbed silver required to cause generalized Argyria pigmentation is unknown ). Several different types of exposure (accidental, therapeutic, occupational and environmental), routes of administration (oral, intranasal and percutaneous) and intervals of exposure from 8 months to 5 years have been described ).
2. Neil Harbisson
Neil Harbisson is a british-born contemporary artist and cyborg activist best known for having an antenna implanted in his skull and for being officially recognised as a cyborg by a government. The antenna allows him to perceive visible and invisible colours such as infrareds and ultraviolets via sound waves. The antenna’s internet connection allows him to receive colours from space as well as images, videos, music or phone calls directly into his head via external devices such as mobile phones or satellites. Harbisson identifies himself as a cyborg, he feels both his mind and body are united to cybernetics. He doesn’t feel he is using or wearing technology, instead he feels he is technology.
3. Zhang Ruifang 
In 2015, 87-year-old Liang Xiuzhen from Sichuan, China, visited doctors with a five-inch horn growing from the top of her head. It reportedly began about eight years prior as a black mole. But sometime in 2013 the mole cracked open and the horn began to sprout. Doctors couldn’t diagnose it, and shortly after it fell off. Then another horn took its place and grew much faster.
This new growth was determined to be a cutaneous horn, which is composed of the same substance as fingernails, called keratin. Most cases are harmless, though doctors were hesitant to remove Liang’s fearing it might have been cancerous.
4. Ramesh Darji 
Ramesh Darji, 11, from Balgung, in Nepal, suffers from the rare condition Ichthyosis which has left his skin hard and crusty.
But due to the remote location of his village up in the Himalayas his parents have not been able to treat him and he has been left to suffer all his life.
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