What are the causes of death in Africa?!

In this list I’ve looked at the different categories of Africa’s most dangerous animals and put them in order of which actually pose the greatest actual danger.
5. Rhinos

These tank-like beasts are huge. The black rhino weighs in at up to a whopping 1,400 kg (3,300 lbs), but that’s considerably smaller than the massive white rhino which can weigh over twice that.However, the rino’s armoury doesn’t end with its sheer bulk. Not only is it fast (top speed of around 50 kmh / 30 mph) but it has those rather intimidating horns which can measure well over a metre (3 feet) in length. Combine all the above with the rhino’s bad eyesight, small brain, notorious bad temper and habit of charging anything that makes them feel even slightly uncomfortable and you have one dangerous beast. Sadly most of us won’t get the chance to be killed by a rhino in the wild as humans have done such a great job of driving them to the edge of extinction.

4. Sharks

If you were to think of the sharkiest countries on earth chances are you would suggest Australia and South Africa. Both these countries are home to sizeable populations of the daddy of all man-eating sharks, the great white. However it is from Cape Town in South Africa that the famous footage of huge sharks leaping out of the water as they hunt seals comes.
3. Lion 

There are three species of cat native to Africa that can realistically kill a human; the lion, the leopard and the cheetah. Whilst the smaller, lighter cheetah is a less realistic proposition, the other two can and have killed, in the hundreds if not thousands.
2. Cape Buffalo 

Also known as the “Black Death” or “widowmaker” the African or Cape buffalo is regarded as one of the most dangerous large animals on the continent. You could think of it as just a big cow but the fact that, unlike its Asian counterpart, this buffalo has never been domesticated would suggest otherwise. The reason for this is its highly unpredictable nature which makes it far too dangerous to be a farm animal.
1 . Snakes 

On paper the most dangerous snake in Africa would have to be the black mamba. Not only does it have some of the most potent venom of any snake, it is known for its aggressive temperament and is the fastest snake of all – capable of slithering at up to 6.8mph / 11kph. When attacking the black mamba will deliver multiple bites injecting enough neurotoxic venom to kill 10 people.The mamba’s bite is almost as painless as it is deadly.
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