You Will Be Arrested If You Eat This Food !

For safety, ethical or precautionary measures, or just because it is anti-nature consumption of these banned food items in the U.S. will get you in trouble From dairy products that are infested with maggots to food items that are poisonous, the following list of 11 banned food items in the United States or at the very least banned in some states, is sure to surprise you (because let’s not forget they are consumed in many other parts of the world):

1 . Sturgeon Caviar

Originating in the Caspian Sea, the import of beluga sturgeon eggs is prohibited because of overfishing and depleting whale population.

2 . Pig blood cake

This traditional Taiwanese dish is banned because it uses pork blood, oh, and it’s also got sticky rice in it.

3. Horse meat 

This is highly popular in China, but since in the U.S., it’s illegal to slaughter horses, it’s challenging to eat it.
This promotes illegal trading of a hunted gorilla, antelope, and elephant meat and could potentially contain fatal diseases.
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