12 Amazing Fish with BIG Eyes

You can easily think of dozens of land animals with big eyes. But what about fish with big eyes?Having a pair of eyes is just as important to full-time sea animals as it is to animals on land – and even more so to fishes in particular.But the presence of light is essential for sight. Light from the surface barely travels depths of 3,200 feet below the sea. At 650 feet, there is a sizeable amount of light penetrating the water.So, at this stage, fish have to survive with little or no light. And to this effect, some body parts are modified to enable vision in dim light. Hence the development of larger than usual eyes. In this article, we will get to know several species of fish with big eyes.
1 . Horse-eye Jack  
Horse-eye jacks are your typical commercial and game fish. They are one of the many fishes that have adipose eyelids (a transparent film that covers most of a fish’s eye), and they also have big eyes.
Horse-eye jacks weigh about 30 pounds or more, and in relation to their body size, their eyes appear large. Apart from having big eyes, the vision of horse-eye jacks is pretty decent, which comes in handy when finding the prey.
2 . Barracuda 
Barracuda fish have moderately large eyes they use effectively for hunting. The eyesight of barracudas is not as outstanding as that of the swordfish or for its incredible size like the telescope goldfish.
Their eyes are highly sensitive to the reflected light, so they have the affinity to spot out prey by glint from parts of their bodies that is reflecting light.
For this reason, barracuda fishes are known to have attacked humans, not because humans are their natural prey but a glint of reflection from diving gear that sends off signals as prey.
3 . Blue Shark 
Blue sharks are beautiful fish identified by distinctive large pairs of eyes and blue sleek bodies. Like all sharks, they have a reputation for attacking humans.
However, their vision is not as great, as they can only see from the range of 30 to 50 feet. And according to animal experts, this is the main reason for their attack on humans – blue sharks do not see humans as prey.
4 . Squirrelfish 
The name ‘Squirrelfish’ is predominantly associated with the famous Chinese dish found in many cuisines. But the squirrelfish is also the general name for all fish in the sub-family, Holocentrus.
All squirrelfish are big-eyed fish. But while some squirrelfish are commercial fish, others are put in aquariums because of their vibrant colors.
In the wild, squirrelfish – especially the big-eyed squirrel fish move in groups, hunting together or fending predators.
Squirrelfish are usually found in coral reefs. Coral reefs do have a substantial amount of light to allow for efficient hunting. However, squirrelfish are nocturnal animals (they are more active at night than during the day), so they do need those pairs of large eyes for hunting in the dark.
5 . Rockfish 
Under the sea, rockfishes do not have extremely large eyes. But when brought to the surface, the eyes of rockfish become large, like two bulging lenses of binoculars on each side of its body.
This is because of the gas pressure in the swim bladder. When the rockfish is deep inside the ocean, the pressure of the gasses in the swim bladder is the same as the pressure of the water around it.
But when they are suddenly brought up completely out of the water, the pressure in the swim bladder causes the eyes to bulge out. Their relatively large eyes are vision assets as they are found at depths of 9,000 feet.
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