The battle for survival of the animals

Nature can get pretty brutal. From insects larva eating a spider inside out to countless animals being eaten alive every day – it’s rough out there. Even a mighty tarantula can’t escape being kidnapped and brutally killed by a wasp baby. Then there’s the Komodo Dragon, the closest thing to a dinosaur we have today, which is one of the most dangerous predators out there. This stealth killer will not only eat the prey alive, it’ll leave a half-eaten prey to die a painful death caused by the wounds and the venom in its saliva. And would’ve thought little ol’ dogs could be feared, merciless predators. The African Wild dogs will chase down their prey and eat it alive like it’s not a big deal.
Size doesn’t always matter, especially in the wild. Sometimes animals can be taken down by predators one-third of their size. The animals look small but they are some of nature’s most effective killers. From tiny rodents that can take on prey 10 times their size to snakes that can swallow anything and spiders that kill birds for fun here are The Small Animals That Have No Fear Of Big Prey.

A Giant Centipede Eating a Whole Snake Because Why Not

Centipede Vs Millipede Comic

Centipedes come in all sizes, and most are small cute little things. But others are really large. Members of this truly fearless family of centipedes are known to attack lizards, nestling rats, birds and bats.
Researchers found centipede attacking a triangled black-headed snake in the forests of a biosphere reserve. The centipede had already wrapped along the whole body of the snake, which was caught during oviposition, with three eggs already having been laid, and another two seemingly still inside its body. To keep its victim still, the centipede had it grappled in its claw-like legs, and for good measure stabbed it with venomous claws known as forcipules – a special appendage-turned-weapon that’s characteristic only of centipedes.

Revolting moment giant toad devours a 3ft-long live SNAKE in one gulp

Carpet python bites off more than it can handle in cane toad fight

This nausea-inducing footage shows nature working in reverse as a giant toad turns on its own predator to swallow a live 3ft-long snake. Toads are a very strong [protection] force, they just straight up kill anything that eats them. The spread of cardiotoxin-loaded cane toads has proven lethal for many species of native predators. Most native animals have rapidly learned to adapt to toads or die, with the most successful adaptation being to simply avoid the poisonous creatures.

Lions’ snooze in the shade is ruined when they are attacked by a swarm of bees

This is the moment a sleepy pride of lions had their afternoon snooze in the shade interrupted by a furious swarm of bees. The lions struggled to defend themselves when the insects launched an attack. Despite their fierce reputation, the big cats were too slow to swat the angry bees away and become increasingly frustrated in the 40C heat.
It was like watching a contest between a lightweight and heavyweight boxer, with the lightweight just moving around scoring with little jabs that slowly wore the opponent down.
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