She slept with her python every night until her vet uncovered the de.adly truth

As animal lovers, it’s easy to understand why people let their pets sleep with them in bed at night. Dogs and cats are soft and snuggly, so they make great cuddle partners. Even curling up with a ferret or a bunny rabbit isn’t out of the ordinary. But, how about a python?


Medical Emergency

Every single evening, the woman would sleep with her pet python sprawled her body. When she’d sleep on her stomach, her beloved python would spread out its body from her head to her toes. It was a bonding moment that she cherished with her snake.

The python seemed to enjoy his new sleeping quarters

One night, a little after 2 a.m., Mel woke to an empty bed. She was so groggy (the neighbor’s dog had kept her up with its incessant barking) that she immediately fell back asleep. Fang was probably on the floor. The entire day, Fang stayed on her bed and refused to eat. He also seemed more agitated than usual, particularly when Mel tried moving him back to the vivarium.  She decided to take the snake to the veterinarian. There was definitely something wrong with her precious baby.

Morning Moves

Discover the terrible truth

The group of vets questioned her about the python’s sudden unusual behavior as one of them began an external examination. They believed the best course of action would be to take an ultrasound of the snake’s belly – perhaps it had eaten something out of the ordinary.

Discover the terrible truth

During the ultrasound, one vet’s forehead creased into a frown and looked at the others gathered around – which made Mel’s heart skip a beat. What were they seeing? What is that bad?
One vet asked her a series of questions about the snake, including about its feeding and sleeping habits. After hearing that woman and the python sleep together every evening, the vet was completely taken aback. They asked the woman if the snake sprawls out along her body or curls up around her at times. She confirmed that that was the case.

Shocking discovery

What the vet told her was shocking. It turned out that the python was fasting in order to prepare itself for a big meal – its loving owner. The vet explained that when the python moved and curled up around her during the night, it was to better judge the size and weight of the young woman. In other words, the python was sizing the woman up and getting ready to eat her!
Her concern for her snake undoubtedly saved her life. After receiving the shocking news, we’d hope that this woman learned a frightful lesson do my homework and won’t be making that mistake again.

New Living Arrangement

Still in shock, Mel returned home with her pet python. She immediately placed him where he belonged: in the vivarium with its tight-fitting seal, far away from her bedroom.

New Living Arrangement

She still loved Fang very much, and still believed snakes could make wonderful pets. But she’d have to be more careful and responsible from now on to avoid any danger.

Are pythons safe pets to keep?

Owning any animal requires some kind of education and responsibility, what kind of food does it need? What kind of environment does it like? What are the signs it’s trying to kill me? Besides the controversy involving the trade and care of exotic pets such as pythons, owning one can be very dangerous.So, next time you consider buying a snake as a pet, keep in mind that they are essentially wild animals and accidents do happen.
Check out the video above and get the full story, as well as check out some footage that’ll have you definitely second-guessing the sanity of this woman

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