Use Bamboo As A Fish Trap

Lift nets, also called lever nets, are a method of fishing using nets that are submerged to a certain depth and then lifted out of the water vertically. The nets can be flat or shaped like a bag, a rectangle, a pyramid, or a cone. Lift nets can be hand-operated, boat-operated, or shore-operated. They typically use bait or a light-source as a fish-attractor.
Lift nets are hauled out by hand or mechanically through bomm and blocks. The handling of large lift nets, normally requires in addition one or several winches. The operations from the shore, from a canoe or a bigger boat includes the setting of the net at a certain depth opening facing upwards- the attraction of the fish over the above mentioned opening by light or bait, then the lifting and hauling of the net out of the water manually or mechanically.
The Target species are small pelagic species, fish and squid.

Model lift nets

How to build a bamboo lifting net?

Bamboo lifting net consist of a horizontal Framed bamboo panel by wood or metal bars or a bag shaped like a parallelepiped, pyramid or cone with the opening facing upwards.
Collect very long bamboo for the main body of the trap. Split the bamboo stem and Knitting framed bamboo panel. It may be any size from 1 x 1 m up to 4 x 4 m. Mesh size is usually small, about 10 to 20 mm bar size according to the fish to be harvested.

Knit bamboo sticks together to make traps

Bamboo net is mounted (E = about 0.50) along its four sides on a bamboo. The four corners are joined together above the centre of the bamboo net with twine and a rope is attached. The other end of this rope is tied to a pole from which the net can be raised or lowered in the water. This pole mounted on a pivot stand with a counterweight to simplify lifting. Smaller nets are sometimes operated directly by hand, without a pole.

Put the trap in the pond and wait

To catch fish, lower the net in the pond until it rests near the bottom. Throw some feed over the net to attract fish. While the fish are actively feeding, lift the net up quickly and smoothly. Lift nets normally work best in rather shallow water.

The fish have been caught in the trap, your job now is to catch them and put them in the basket!

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