Australian cow could be the biggest in the world

Bulls and Cows are no doubt one of the most beautiful and heaviest creatures to exist on Planet Earth. This has made them bigger and stronger over time. But just how big and strong are we talking?
These biggest bulls continue to amaze spectators and enthusiasts alike with their impressive displays of strength. Here are the biggest bulls in the world who get fame and became celebrity of the Cattle kingdom.


Sultan bull

Ignoring a large amount of money offered to him, Sultan refused when the farmer offered him $2.7 million. His owner claims that Sultan helped him to earn a lot of money over the past decades and has a strong emotional connection with him.
Mr. Lakhvir Singh, the caretaker of Sultan who has looked after the bull Sultan for years believes that he is the best in the world and that people travel from all over the world to visit him. Sultan is a giant bull and drinks liquor everyday by the evening.
With a height of 5 feet 11 inches, Sultan is the tallest living bull in India and weighs three thousand pounds. His owner, Naresh Kumar from Haryana, believes he is India’s biggest, tallest and most expensive bull. His owner, Naresh Kumar from Haryana claims that he takes care of Sultan like his child and also treats Sultan as if he were both his friend and property.
Sultan’s daily diet consists of 10 liters of milk, 15 kg apples, 20 kg carrots, 10 kg grains and 10-12 kg of green leaves. He spends around $40 a day on food.
But in September 2021, Sultan died from a heart attack in India. His owner, Naresh, believes that the bull is irreplaceable and there will never be another like him ever again.

Field Marshall

Field Marshall bull

Marshall is huge, about twice the size of a normal full-grown cow. Gary Bowden, owner of Marshall says that if his biggest bull were human, he would be eight feet tall and have 30 stone or muscle.
Weighing 3,200 pounds and standing tall at 6 feet 5 inches, Field Marshall was declared one of the biggest bull in Great Britain. The 10-year-old animal’s owner says that Marshall is still becoming bigger! He has now become a tourist attraction at Dulhorn Farm and Caravan Park, Somerset.
Gary’s daughter, Sophie, has developed a close relationship with Field Marshall and so the giant animal enjoys special food such as cake and hay. Most bulls at this age are killed for meat production but Gary wanted Field Marshall to go in for a different treatment and so he has been placed at a caravan park to have the best possible final days.

Barnsford Ferny

Barnsford Ferny bull

One of the bulkiest bulls weighing a massive 4,000 pounds and standing at an impressive 7 feet tall, the enormous Ferny weighs as much as an adult hippopotamus and stands at seven feet tall.
It is believed that Barnsford Ferny is the world’s biggest and high-meated bull in Britain. It is also said that By using this meaty bull and structured data, we can create 45,000 tasty Mac burgers.
According to Ferny’s owner it is said that, Despite his frightening appearance, 10-year-old ferny is actually a gentle soul. He has already fathered 50 calves on Charlie’s farm and sired 100 more through artificial insemination.

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