The Kind Buffalo Saves The Zebra From The Pain Of A Lion Getting Inside From Its Ass

Over a decade ago, there was an epic battle between lions, buffaloes and a crocodile at a waterhole called Transport dam. That video was aptly named Battle at Kruger. Well, 10 years later, the next generations of lions at Transport Dam recently faced their own failed hunt due to a huge herd of buffalo and zebra interfering!

What Are Key Differences Between a Lion and a Zebra?

The key differences between a lion and a zebra lie in their morphology, offensive capabilities, and predatory behaviors. Lions are one of the “big cats,” and they use their long fangs and claws to attack prey using ambush tactics or endurance predation. Zebras are equine creatures that attack with strong bites and kicks but lack any predatory drive like herbivores.

Lion and Zebra

A lion would win a fight against a zebra

Although that shouldn’t be a surprise, we feel it’s necessary to tell you that lions don’t always win these fights. Most of the time, lions attack in groups to take down large prey. They ambush a zebra and use their power and aggressiveness to bring it to the ground. The lion has to get close enough to the zebra to land several attacks to kill the larger creature. Of course, lions are more than capable of doing this, but it only takes one kick for a zebra to knock a lion unconscious.

They can deliver powerful, deadly kicks to their foes

The only thing is that zebras don’t really have the instincts to attack and kill a lion. They want to flee. So, in the vast majority of cases, a persistent lion is going to kill a zebra. Don’t always count out the zebra, though. Zebras have been known to send lions down in a heap after landing a good kick to the jaw, head, or neck.

Unexpected rescue

In the video below, you can see The Kind Buffalo Saves The Zebra From The Pain Of A Lion Getting Inside From Its Ass

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