Send Honey Badger To Poisonous Snake Island? What Would Happen?

“Brother Africa” ​​has thick skin and thick flesh?

Someone once said that ” African grasslands are not chaotic, it depends on the flathead brother. ” Friends who have a certain understanding of the Honey Badger must know its ability to fight, and there is absolutely no second in Africa. The existence of a “tiger”, whether it is a wild boar, a poisonous snake, or a large bird of prey, as long as it wants to eat the other side, it will become its target.

Badger attack lion

The honey badger “inadvertently entered” Dalian Snake Island and may end in failure

At present, there are more than 7,000 islands named after Snake Island in the world. Among them, there are 6 in China and the most well-known is Dalian Snake Island. Dalian Snake Island is 1.5 kilometers long, 0.8 kilometers wide, and has an area of ​​1.2 square kilometers. It is located in the Bohai Sea in the northwest of Lushunkou District, only 7 nautical miles from the nearest land. At first, the island was rich in animal species. As competition among species intensified, most of them were eliminated, leaving only a few animals like snakes, small reptiles and migratory birds.

Dalian Snake Island

The protagonist of Daqing Snake Island is the black eyebrow viper. The snake has a triangular head, 60-70 cm long, and can grow up to 1 meter. It has a strong body, yellow-gray, light gray and other colors, and some have color changing ability. At present, the black-browed viper mainly inhabits Dalian Snake Island, with about 20,000.

So if two honey badgers break into Dalian Snake Island, what kind of struggle scene will be presented?

At first, the two honey badgers were invincible with their strong combat power. In addition to the black-browed viper, Dalian Snake Island also has a strong, violent-tempered mouse. The mouse is called the Rattus norvegicus. It has escaped from ships on the island to the Snake Island in recent decades and breeds wantonly on the Snake Island. The first to suffer is the brown rat. The honey badger will naturally grow and reproduce after eating and drinking. Of course, it will also attack the black-browed vipers and migratory birds during the period. As the number of honey badgers increased and the number of Rattus norvegicus decreased sharply, the honey badgers gradually aimed their attention at the black-browed vipers.

Honey Badgers

However, Honey Badger noticed that this opponent suddenly disappeared from time to time. Food was scarce on the snake island for thousands of years, and the black-browed viper gradually developed its special skills: not only hibernating, but also sleeping in summer; during this period, it only crawls out of the cave for 2/3 months. Eating, not eating at all for the rest of the time, and under bad conditions, the black-browed viper can stop foraging in the spring of the next year.

                                                                                                                                               Honey Badgers attack the Black-browed Viper

When the number of Rattus norvegicus and some black-browed vipers has dropped significantly, it means that honey badgers have also begun to decline sharply. The honey badger has the habit of cannibalism, and the internal struggle will become more intense when food is scarce, let alone submit for breeding. The end result is that the remaining honey badgers died of starvation due to lack of food, while the numbers of black-browed vipers and brown rats slowly began to increase.

Honey Badgers attack the baby Honey Badgers
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