15 Animals That Survived The Impossible

Humans are known to be the most adaptable species on Earth. However, we sometimes forget that there are also animals that have gone through worse and survived. Resilience is a trait of warriors and there are many in the Animal kingdom too.
So, let’s explore animals that survived adversities and are warriors of the animal kingdom.

1.Giraffe With A Broken Neck

Instead of towering among the treetops, the animal’s neck appeared bent into a strange zig-zag shape. A local guide explained that the odd appearance was the result of an old injury that had healed without medical assistance – and the remarkable survivor had been a long-time local resident.

“The Animal had broken its neck whilst fighting five to six years before and had remained in the area – where there are no conservation centres or vets – ever since,” Drysdale explains.

Giraffe With A Broken Neck

2. The Lion Who Survived The Snare

A lion in Tanzania’s Misumi National Park got caught in a snare in 2009. The snare was around his neck and he was continuously growing in size so the snare kept on choking his neck. There were several attempts made to rescue him but all of them failed due to the varying terrain. Three years passed by like this, with the snare tightened around his neck. However, finally, another rescue operation was launched so that the lion could be freed of the agony that he was in for the past three years. The rangers in the Misumi National Park took the initiative to save the lion.

The Lion Who Survived The Snare

3. Twoheaded Turtle

A diamondback terrapin turtle hatched a couple weeks ago with two heads, a condition called bicephaly. The two-skulled, six-legged reptile was brought into a Massachusetts wildlife center, and while it currently seems healthy, veterinarians are continuing to closely monitor its health.

woheaded Turtle

4. Budi The Orangutan

When he was rescued from his hellish life as a family pet in Kubing, Borneo, he was horribly malnourished and was dangerously close to death after 10 months of neglect.

Budi The Orangutan

There are many animals that survive hardships that you thought were insurmountable. They are really resilient and adaptable to survive. Don’t miss the animal videos!!
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