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If Antechinus kangaroos can hold the top spot in maintaining love for up to 14 hours, lions are not inferior to having a frequency of 20 to 40 love times in a day. It can also last 4 days in a row. That shows that in reaching the emotional paradise, these animals are truly worthy of the world, so besides the big brothers and sisters in this bed village, are there any animals that dare to go to the list of species? Animals do the weirdest sex in the natural world, yes yes, today in this posts we will continue to take you to that ecstasy of some animals. It will definitely surprise you. Let’s get started.

#Rhesus macaque males get attacked right as they’re climaxing

Monkey S*x

The rhesus macaque takes male rivalry to incredibly dickish new levels. Imagine, that you’re a dominant male macaque and you’ve just won a fight over the affections of a lady monkey. You take your well-earned reward right there in front of everyone, but just as you reach your climax and throw up your o-face, suddenly you have some shrieking monkey asshole all over you, clawing at your eyes and biting your neck.
That’s right, these monkeys have learned that the best time to attack a strong opponent is when he’s at his most vulnerable: right at the point of orgasm. And this isn’t just some hilarious coincidence some scientists saw once – over half of all macaque sexual encounters end this way. According to researchers, a rival will sneak up to the coupling pair and “feign indifference by digging casually in the sand or pretending to collect handfuls of pebbles” until the moment is right.

#Male giraffes will taste the urine of the female to see if she’s ovulating

Male giraffes will taste the urine of the female to see if she’s ovulating

Male giraffes use a strange way to determine whether the female is ready to mate or not. When a male giraffe approaches a female, he will first rub her backside until she urinates. When she urinates, the male giraffe tastes the urine to find out if the female is ready to mate. This is known as the “Flehmen sequence.” If the male giraffe feels that she is willing to mate, then he starts stalking her. It has been observed in many cases that the female simply runs away from the male and keeps a lookout for better males. The male that tasted her urine keeps pursuing her until she agrees to the mating.

#Seed beetles get their lady parts destroyed during s*x

Seed beetles get their lady parts destroyed during s*x

Imagine that you are a female bean weevil, also known as a seed beetle. You’re really going to regret this in a minute, but bear with us. Picture yourself cruising down Seed Beetle Lane, where all of the studliest dudes hang out. After a particularly enticing courtship from one of the males, you take him back to your beetle bed inside of your bean house.
With the candles lit and some Marvin Gaye on the stereo, things start to heat up in Bean Manor. You start to disrobe, and then he whips it out and JESUS CHRIST! That is, as science puts it, the “nightmarish penis” of the male seed beetle. It’s a godawful doom-rod covered in sharp spikes and spines. This medieval torture device is about to go places you really don’t want it to go.
You may be thinking that it probably isn’t as bad as it looks, and maybe this is just what turns seed beetles on. But rest assured, it is every bit as bad as it looks. Female seed beetles sustain “heavy injuries” during sex, and all of their reproductive organs get severely damaged. They have even been known to die from it.
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