12 Insane Things Swallowed By Animals

Most animals tend to stay on a pretty strict diet throughout their lives. They only go for the things they actually like to eat, whether it’s grass or a live animal! However, sometimes animals can end up eating some pretty weird stuff. From being a coin purse , and something a little more promiscuous , to literal evidence Here are the most insane things swallowed by animals!

Beach Ready


Snakes are often feared because they’re thought to be these ruthless, intelligent animals, however, not all of them are that sharp, especially not Monty the Python. Monty is a carpet python that gets to roam around the house as he pleases. While it gives him plenty of room to explore and keep himself entertained, it also lands him in some weird situations. One of these situations was when he straight up swallowed an entire beach towel! No one really knows how he managed to swallow something that massive, but he did, and his owner came home to find her snake much thicker than it usually is! She ended up rushing him to the vet and thankfully, they were able to get the towel out and save Monty’s life! Even though it was a potentially life-threatening ordeal, you can’t deny that it is quite hilarious too!

A thousand coins

Turtle & A thousand coins

Whether you believe in it or not, you’re probably aware of the “flip a coin in a pool for good luck” thing. But not all pools are designed for that, one of these pools was in Thailand. This one had a turtle living in it, but that didn’t really stop people from throwing coins in any way! To them, it was them just participating in a harmless tradition, but inside, the turtle kept thinking that the coins were food! So, he just kept on eating them! The crew there didn’t even notice until the turtle was visibly sick and didn’t want to swim around anymore. So, they rushed him to the vet, and when they got there, they found out that the turtle hadn’t just swallowed a couple of coins, but nearly one thousand coins! It was so bad that the turtle had to go through emergency surgery! All the coins had to be removed, along with some other debris that the turtle had swallowed. Even though it was quite a massive surgery, everything ended up going great and the turtle healed up, ready to go back to swimming without the weiht of a thousand coins inside it!



Snakes use a specialized group of skull bones, ligaments and muscles to open their jaws as wide as possible, allowing them to hunt prey much larger than themselves. It is the opening of the jaws that places a limit on the size of prey the snake can eat. “Snake jaws are not attached to the skull, but to ligaments,” Calhoon said. “They have a very flexible jaw-ligament structure that can be extended as much as possible.”
After swallowing the prey whole, the next step of the snake is to push the prey through the digestive tract. Stomach fluid helps snakes break down tissues. When eating small prey, snakes can use their jaws to push worms or rats down the digestive tract. But with large meals, snakes use the bones in their heads and jaws to lure prey into their stomachs.

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