Clearing The Snow From Your Roof And House Is A Real Art!

When it’s winter, protecting your roof becomes the most essential part to safeguard the investment you have made in your property – home. Too much snow can be a great danger when accumulated on the rooftop. Have you ever thought about how much weight your roof is holding with all that snow?
Well, now is the time to do so, as irrespective of how strong and well constructed your roof is, it is highly essential to get the accumulated snow removed to prevent structural damage, water infiltration, ice dams and in worst case scenarios roof collapse. Safety being a crucial thing it doesn’t matter whether you hire a professional snow removal service team or plan to do it yourself, as it has to be done.

Clearing snow on the roof

When to Remove Snow from the Roof?

Consider the following points before you decide to remove snow from your house roofs.

Is your roof’s pitch shallow or flat?

If the roofs have shallow pitches the snow keeps accumulating in the same point thus risking the entire structure as the roof may collapse. Why? Because the snow sits in the same spot and keeps accumulating. Flat roofs are dangerous with thick snow and melted snow as well as the water always stays adding weight on the roof.

Type of snow – Wet, Heavy, Old, New

More than you have anticipated, the density of the snow plays a major role as old and wet snow becomes all heavy.

The Wind Game

Snow can never settle evenly on the roof, thanks to the blowing winds. These winds carry the snow and accumulate all at one single point generally where there is an exterior wall where the pitch meets.

When to Remove Snow from the Roof?

How to remove snow from your roof?

Firstly, make sure not to remove snow from your roof on your own unless you have professional equipment and gears to do so. Do not just climb up the roof and shovel the snow, as while doing so you may slip and hit the ground severely, putting yourself into grave danger.
Do you have a snow rake? It is a long pole whose height can be adjusted having an aluminium piece flatly attached to the pole perpendicularly or in a 90 degrees angle letting the snow remove from the eaves and also the farthest of the roof you can reach. This will help in preventing ice damming.

Use the rake to clear the snow

By getting a strong foothold on the ground, you can start the snow removal from the rooftop process with the roof rake. But in the due course make sure not to clog up the downspouts or the gutters with snow. Taking care of your safety by not standing right below the roof’s edge as the ice can shift and topple over your head.

Removing snow from the roof can be dangerous

Safety is the most important thing for any home maintenance task, and removing snow from the roof presents particular safety risks that have to be taken seriously. The risk of losing your balance or slipping — and sustaining a fall — is real. Extension rakes are a great way to reduce the amount of snow on your roof without having to climb it, and it’s true that removing all snow from the roof isn’t necessary. Reducing the weight is enough, in most cases.

Removing snow from the roof can be dangerous

In the video below, we can see Clearing The Snow From Your Roof And House Is A Real Art!
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