Birds That Crush And Eat Their Victims Mercilessly

Birds of prey use all sorts of techniques to kill their prey. Some will literally swallow them whole, while others will scope the ground from the skies and dive-bomb to kill them. Whatever the case may be, it’s spectacular to watch, so if you want to see some “bird action” keep watching as we get started.

Skua Attack On Penguin

Skua Attack On Penguin

These three cute penguins must be careful when this nasty skua attacks them. The penguins stay close to one another and fight back, but facing a skua for the penguins is no cakewalk. The aggressive bird is relentless, but the penguins manage to escape. The skua is an aggressive bird that enjoys hunting baby penguins just like the one in our video. The skua nibbles aggressively on the back of this nesting penguin until it raises itself up, allowing the skua to trap the chicks and swallow them whole, which it does.
Skuas are among the most hazardous bird predators in Antarctica. Adult skuas eat penguins, especially their young, but even adults. These two skuas are literally ripping this baby penguin apart. This skua snatches a young penguin chick and eats it in seconds. Even if the mother penguin had tried to intervene, the chick was inside the skua’s mouth so quickly, it would have been impossible to save it.

Roadrunner Attack On Mouse

Roadrunner Attack On Mouse

A small mouse that sneaked into the house is grabbed by the house pet, a roadrunner in this case, and is swallowed whole without hesitation by the quick bird. The man filming this video followed this roadrunner while it was hunting. He got to see it capture a rodent he was sure was a kangaroo rat. Have you ever wondered what roadrunners eat? Here’s one example, but usually, they are seen eating lizards.
It looks like it’s feeding time at this household when the owner of this roadrunner hands him a juicy little mouse and the bird grabs it quickly and runs to eat it somewhere else. A man was sitting at the kitchen table when he noticed a roadrunner sticking its head down a hole. He grabbed his camera and started recording the incident. The roadrunner caught a mouse, tenderized it, and plucked fur from its body before swallowing it whole.

Woodpecker attack Snake

Woodpecker attack Snake

The woodpecker fought with the snake because the bird was refusing to give up its nest to the snake.
The woodpecker could be seen striking at the snake multiple times and the snake could be seen striking at the bird back.
At one point, the snake, which is believed to be venomous, could be seen biting the bird.
We think the snake was looking for eggs or chicks and the woodpecker arrived to find it had moved in while she was away. It really looked like the female was acting frantically out of maternal instinct. She just kept racing up the tree and attacking the snake on its side. The snake wasn’t very happy about that. It kept lunging at her and it landed its strike every time.
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