Animal Mothers Sacrifice Themselves To Save Their Children From Danger

A mother’s love is always unmatched, and that goes for the animal kingdom too! They’re willing to do anything, really. Mama birds are ready to take on giraffes, hyenas will stand up to a whole pack of hungry wild dogs to protect their offspring. Even the generally innocent and cuddly animals like rabbits are willing to fight off ԀᴇɑԀʟʏ serpents just to keep their babies safe!

#African Wild Dogs Launch Relentless Attack On Baby Hyena

The rivalry between these two predator species is extreme as they continuously compete for the same food sources. After chasing off the hyenas, the wild dogs stood around checking their surroundings to make sure there were no other hyenas nearby. Suddenly a baby hyena that was hiding in the thick bush right in front of them came out and made an attempt to escape. The wild dogs immediately saw the baby hyena and launched a relentless attack. As the hyena attempted to get away, the wild dogs quickly ran after it. One for one they attacked by biting the young hyena relentlessly. The hyena was screaming nonstop while being bitten from behind. At the same time the wild dogs made their characteristic and very excited bird-like twittering call while attacking. To our surprise the baby hyena eventually got away and ran off into the bush.

Furious Hyena Mom Fights Off 17 Wild Dogs

#Brave Turkey Mom Fights Cobra

You’ve seen ducks fend for their young ones, and now you’re going to see a turkey defend not just her own chicks, but other abandoned chicks too! At first, she doesn’t notice a King Cobra making its way to the chicks. When she notices, she immediately starts guarding and shielding the babies from it by collecting them in a corner.
Foolproof strategy. But it’s a snake, it’s not going to be afraid of a bird…until it starts pecking! After repeatedly pecking at the serpent in the head, the cobra realizes this fight just isn’t worth it and starts to make its way out of there. Usually, snakes like to eat young chicks, in fact, that’s their preferred meal, but after getting pecked at so many times, it knew death was certain if one more step was made.

Brave Turkey Mom Fights Cobra

#Angry cat mom clips curious dog in the face

The dog, out of curiosity, teased the wrong kitten, and as a result received a painful slap from the mother cat.

Angry cat mom clips curious dog in the face

#Giraffe protects cubs from lions

Dramatic pictures show the moment a mother giraffe tries in vain to defend its one-day-old calf from a lioness. The mother and baby giraffe are chased down before the predator pounces on the baby and savagely breaks its neck to feast on it in Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Park. Other images show the mother’s desperate attempt to ward off the threat by kicking her legs out towards the attacker.

Giraffe protects cubs from lions

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