Tourists Were Shocked When They Saw The Elephant Drinking From The Toilet

During a camping trip in Botswana, a female tourist accidentally captured the moment an elephant was poking a tap to drink water in a toilet seat. The image is currently being shared continuously on the world online community.

While looking for a place to “relax the soul”, a tourist in the Republic of Botswana (a country in Africa) was “out of the soul” when he witnessed an elephant sticking out the water in the toilet bowl, despite the “remnants” that people left around. Elephants are addicted to drinking water in toilets, or human bathrooms, which are not uncommon.

The reason why wild elephants have this grotesque hobby is that the water in the lake in Botswana park seems a bit salty, but the water in swimming pools, baths is “fresher”, or may have a “unique” taste, making giant creatures have the most preferred hose.

So, if you go to Botswana, while washing your hair or “there is a sad thing to solve” and see any taps coming into the water, visitors do not panic. Be gentle with these “guests”, because after they are full, they will also politely return to the park. Carina Blofield, a female photographer, was also “lucky” to capture the moment these sage giants “stole” water from the toilet in the early evening.

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