Zoo elephant throws stone to death of 7-year-old girl

The rare accident happened at 13 o’clock (local time) on July 26 at a zoo in the capital Rabat – Morocco. According to local media, the elephant named Assia used its trunk to pick up a large stone and hit the head of a 7-year-old girl who was being carried by her father on her shoulder to take a souvenir photo. The girl lost consciousness on the spot, lost a lot of blood and died at a nearby hospital.

An elephant named Assia at the zoo in the capital Rabat – Morocco picked up stones and threw them to death.

The rock was taken at the scene.

A zoo spokesman later offered condolences to the family, insisting that there was no security fault and that the girl had not violated any safety regulations. However, some witnesses said that the girl lost her life because the ambulance arrived too late and the zoo should have its own ambulance.

“How can a zoo with such a huge number of visitors do not have its own ambulance” – an angry person.

The little girl died from too much blood loss and the ambulance arrived too late.

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