Smell is one of the first things people notice in your home.

Do you know how you notice a strange smell when you get home from vacation? This is what your house smells like all the time to people who don’t live there. This is because the longer you are exposed to odors, the less you will be able to notice them.
They say the real smell of cleanliness is not smell at all. But making your home smell like nothing is next to impossible. Between kids, pets, cooking, and just living everyday life, you are bound to end up with a mix of different scents. However, there are some clever ways to hide it without resorting to artificial room refreshing sprays.

  1. Oats
    Many women get tired of the unpleasant smell of the house, even though it is always cleaned. As a rule, you should first look in the refrigerator and in the trash, as these places are the most common sources of bad odors.
    You can solve this with a strange trick, which is the use of oats! Yes, you can put some oats in a bowl and put it in the fridge, or put some oats directly in the trash to absorb existing bad odors. The use of oats is very effective and safe, as it does not contain any chemicals.
  2. Fabric Softener
    Fabric softener always smells great, and you can use it in more ways than just washing your clothes. Just put a cup of softener in a bowl of boiling water, and the smell will evaporate around the house and last for a long time.
    You can also use cinnamon or cloves to add a different, natural scent.
  3. blotting paper
    the bad smell
    If you want to add a touch of freshness in the summer days, just install a tissue paper at the back of the fan, and you will get a light and pungent scent for a long time throughout the room. This trick may seem ineffective to you, but it is actually great!!
  4. Basin freshener
    It is common for the foul odor to come from food residues in the sink opening, which release the smell once they have broken down.
    The solution is simple, in addition to cleaning this place, even if with hot water every once in a while, is to put a tablet of the basin freshener to get rid of any unpleasant smell, and even to get a pungent and smart smell emanating from the basin.
  5. Vinegar for cleaning as well as for perfuming
    As we mentioned, to get rid of the unpleasant smell, you must first know its source, to get rid of the smell forever and not to cover it for a temporary period. That is why we advise you to use vinegar because of its antiseptic properties and a pleasant smell.

You can mix vinegar with fresh herbs, lemon or orange peel, to make your home smell smart in just a few minutes.

  1. Essential oils
    the bad smell
    We are all aware of the role of essential oils in spreading the smart smell, and you can use it in more than one way, such as:
    Just put a few drops of any of your favorite oil in a pot of boiling water.

Or put a little of it on a piece of cloth and put the cloth anywhere you want.
Or put drops on a bag of vacuum cleaner.
If you want a recommendation for some oils, we recommend citrus oils for a fresh scent, or if you prefer herbal scents, we recommend peppermint, eucalyptus, or lavender oils.

  1. Liquid vanilla extract
    Vanilla extract is not only used for cooking, but its aroma can also be used to freshen the air. Just soak a sponge in a little vanilla liquid and put it in a warm bowl (you can also put the bowl next to the cooler).
  2. Bake food at home
    will prepare some special foods for your family members, and even the house will be filled with a warm and inviting aroma.
    But if you don’t have time to bake, you can substitute by putting some vanilla in the stove for about 15 minutes at 250 degrees.
  3. Apple tranches & cinnamon stick
    If you don’t want to light some candles or use essential oils, you can get a distinct and smart scent just by putting some apple slices and cinnamon sticks in a saucepan with a small amount of water, and boiling them.
    Remember that you cannot leave the stove on for a long time, you must constantly monitor it to ensure that the mixture does not burn.
  4. Lemon
    the bad smell
    Lemon is a natural cleaner that many women already use around the house. Apart from its ability to clean, it gives a distinctive and refreshing smell, and you can clean floors as well as tables and wooden furniture safely and effectively using lemon.

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