Beef stew and samp infused with sweetcorn

Beef stew

1.chop onion, fry with ginger, 1bay leaf and garlic till golden brown using sunflower oil
2.once your onion is golden brown add paprika, cape Malay curry powder, BBQ spice, jeera powder
3.add your beef meat and fry it for a good 3 min
4.add tomato puree and knorrox let it simmer for 40min until your meat is tender

  1. Add Jimmy’s steakhouse sauce
  2. Let your curry simmer for 5min
  3. Add knorr beef soup and let it simmer for 3min.

Samp recipe.

  1. Boil sweetcorn for 10min and set aside in a different pot.
  2. Boil samp and sugar beans for 2hours. Watch it carefully and stir.
  3. In a different pot fry one onion in sunflower oil, once golden brown add aromat and spoon of butter.
  4. Add your sweetcorn to your already cooked sugar beans and samp.
  5. Take your mixture and add it to your fried onions and let it simmer for 5min in low heat.


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