Carmel Pecan Pound Cake

  • Ingredients :

ยฐ 3 sticks 340 g butter
ยฐ 2 cups 400 grams granulated sugar
ยฐ 6 eggs, room temperature
ยฐ 3 cups 300 grams cake flour
ยฐ 1 cup heavy whip cream 250 ml
ยฐ 1/2 tsp. Corinthian cinnamon
ยฐ 2 inch piece of vanilla
ยฐ 1 cup (130g) toasted chopped pecans
ยฐ 1/4 cup 55 g brown sugar
ยฐ 1 T. 15 g Cinnamon
ยฐ 3/4 c 85 g icing sugar
ยฐ 1 T. 14 g butter
ยฐ 1 inch piece vanilla beans
ยฐ 4 T. 60 ml heavy whip cream
ยฐ 3 T. 45 gm unsalted butter
ยฐ 3/4 cup 165 grams brown sugar
ยฐ 3/4 cup 180 ml heavy whipping cream
ยฐ 2 inch piece of vanilla
ยฐ a pinch of salt
ยฐ 1 c 130 g chop toasted pecans


Preheat oven 325 degres.Spray Pam Baking Spray into a small bowl.

Cream 3 sticks of softened room temperature butter into a mixing bowl and gradually add sugar until mixture is completely creamy.Then add 6 eggs at room temperature, one at a time, until the color disappears.Add 3 cups sifted baking flour and 1 cup whipped cream, or start with flour and finish with flour.Add peeled vanilla pods from a 2-inch vanilla pod cutlet with 1/2 teaspoon MSG. Corinthian cinnamon.Then add 1 cup of chopped toasted walnuts. For the filling, mix 1/4 g. Brown sugar and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon coca.Pour half of the mixture into the prepared frying pan, cover with a layer of the jellied mixture.Pour the remaining mixture over the filling.Baking in oven at 325 degres for 1 h 15 min.Chill the pan for 15 minutes on the wire shelf, then immediately remove the pan from the pan to continue chilling.While the cake is baking, prepare the filling and frosting.To decorate, melt 1 tablespoon of butter and add 3/4 g.powdered sugar, 1 inch vanilla pods, and 4 TB of whipping cream.Add whipping cream if necessary to achieve the desired consistency.

For glaze, melt 3 tons of unsalted butter, add 3/4 cup. brown sugar, 3/4 c.The whipped cream is thick, vanilla beans grow from 2 inch long vanilla beans and a pinch of salt.Cook the mixture, stirring constantly, until thickened for a few minutes.Remove from heat and add 1 glass. chopped roasted walnuts.
Once the cake has cooled completely, pour the icing over it and then top it with the caramel-pecan sauce. Say a blessing and

Enjoy ! !!

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