Cauliflower Salad recipe


  • Cauliflower 1

  • tomato 2

  • flat leaf parsley 1 plants

  • Leek 2

  • eggs 2

  • Mayonnaise 4 tablespoons. soup

  • black pepper

  • salt

  • Preparation:

Nutritional values

Cut the cauliflower into small florets.
Boil eggs 8 minutes in boiling water. Run it under cold water and let it cool.
Scatter the tomatoes and cut them into small cubes.
Chop flat-leaf parsley and shallots.
Preparation (15 minutes + 15 minutes)
Cook cauliflower 6 to 8 minutes in boiling lightly salted water or in a steaming basket. Strain the flowers and run them under cold water.
Meanwhile, peel the eggs and mash them well with a fork.

Combine broccoli, mayonnaise, tomatoes, shallots, parsley and eggs. Add salt and pepper.

an offer
Serve as lunch or with a veggie, meat or chicken burger.

Enjoy !!!

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