Cornbread go with Beans

There is nothing better than an old fashioned pot of Southern Style white beans and ham served with a piece of buttery cornbread.

I grew up in a house where my mom and dad grew their own food, shot their own meat, fished for dinner and we ate a lot of beans and cornbread growing up.

Fast forward to 26 years of marriage and I am married to a man who loves all those same things, so getting the perfect pot of Southern Style White Beans and ham is important.

This recipe is usually made with a ham bone or ham hock. You can find these for sale in the meat aisle or just ask the butcher if they have any leftovers.


°1.3 kg dried pinto beans, soaked overnight
°2 minced onions
°1 boneless ham (or hammock. Optional but changes flavor if left out)
°2 tablespoons of chili powder
°3 tablespoons cumin
°1 1/2 teaspoons paprika
°1 head minced garlic
°2 bay leaves
°1 tablespoon of dried thyme
°Salt and Pepper

*Preparation :

After soaking the beans overnight, add everything except salt and pepper to a large saucepan; Cover it completely with water.

Simmer for a few hours until the beans are tender (this will take a long time, so you’ll want to start at lunchtime.) Make sure to stir every now and then – you should be able to mash them easily. Between two fingers without difficulty. Salt and pepper to taste.

Enjoy !