cream cheese, celery, and croissants, this classic egg salad will get an update! The SUPER DELICIOUS and SO SIMPLE to prepare is this special egg salad sandwich!
I recall being a child and finding that hard-boiled eggs, in an egg salad or otherwise are super disgusting. I couldn’t understand why, much less for breakfast or even a snack, someone would want to eat them.


– 2 TBSP.Of softened butter at kitchen temperature.
– 3 oz cream cheese at kitchen temperature.
– 2 TBSP.Of minced celery.
– 1 TBSP.Of Mayo, more if desired.
– 1 t.Of grated onion.
– 1 t.Of sugar.
– 1/2 t.Of lemon juice.
– 1/4 t.Of salt.
– 1/8 t.Of pepper.
– 6 hard-boiled eggs, I squished them with a fork.
Croissants/Bread, you can use what you have.
– Paprika
– Bacon.
– Dill Pickle Relish.


– Step 1: Cream the butter and the cream cheese together in a medium bowl
until creamy.
– Step 2: Stir in the celery, mayo, cinnamon, carrot, lemon juice, salt, and pepper until well mixed.
– Step 3: Stir in the eggs and blend well.
– Step 4: For 1 hour or more, cover and chill it in the fridge.
– Step 5: Serve on croissants or bread.

Enjoy !!!

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