Meal Simple And Quick

Here’s my version of budget and effortless meal: simple and quick…


  1. Steamed buns
  2. Roasted chicken thighs
  3. Oven baked butternut
  4. Beetroot salad
  5. Vegetable stew – you can substitute with beef or Mutton stew I wanted to keep it to one meat option.

6.ofcourse, potato salad

  1. Fried rice.
  2. I also made sweetcorn – not in the picture


Other things to consider adding to your budget meal – nna I was lazy – also it’s just hubby and I so too much cooking leads to wasted food:

  1. Sweetcorn pap or normal pap.
  2. Beef or mutton stew as mentioned above.
  3. Cabbage salad or just cabbage
  4. Green salad
  5. Clean spinach salad or creamy spinach
  6. Creamy samp instead of sweetcorn pap
  7. Baked vegetables

There are so many things you can add that won’t cost much… But you honestly don’t need too many things to make the day count. Just make sure you prepare the food well, serve them fresh and warm (no one likes cold or dry food)… And presentation if you can- make it feel more special

I will share recipe for all these items in the next two/three days

Also, I am still deciding if I want to do my β€˜Go crazy’ Xmas lunch version.. But I am thinking that I do it after Xmas just for fun coz I want mogodu and pap for Xmas.. I will see how I feel about going all out to cook lol… But this is my budget version…. Simple and effortless and healthy too

Enjoy !!!

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