Quick easy tasty lemon glazed biscuit donuts

We set out to make a sour cream doughnut, we really did. We tried and we tried, and when it wasn’t working, we switched to Greek yogurt. Adding yogurt to the batter for these cake doughnuts made them light, tangy, and rich, and gave us a dough that was easy to work with. Have we all been calling them yo-nuts ever since? Yes—and we’d like it if you did too.

Canned biscuits
1 cup Powdered sugar
1/4 cup Milk
Juice and zest of half a lemon

Pop open a can of biscuits (I used grands) lightly roll them and cut out the center

Bring cooking oil to med heat, fry about 2 or 3 donuts at a time, continue moving and flipping the donuts around as they cook (about 2 minutes total)

Place on a wire rack or paper towels

Mix powdered sugar, milk and lemon juice/zest in a small bowl until well combined.
(You can use a bit more or less milk depending on how thick or thin you like your glaze)

Dip the donuts/holes in the glaze while they’re still hot!

Dusting them with cinnamon sugar is also tasty!

Pour yourself a cold cup of milk, grab 3 of them and voila you have a quick tasty treat to satisfy that late night/early morning sweet tooth

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