Southern Fried Cabbage with Sausage & Shrimp


Aidells – Cajun Style Andouille, 4 serving
Shrimp, cooked, 20 large (or medium)
Onions, raw, 1 cup, chopped
Garlic, 3 clove
Canned Tomatoes -diced, 2 cups/1 can
Butter, salted, 1 tbsp
Olive Oil, 1 1tsp
Cabbage, boiled, 7 cup


Heat Olive oil & butter and saute garlic & onion. Slice sausage in 1/2 inch circles add to garlic & onion.

then add the shrimp with no tails. Add whatever spice you would like I used 1/8 tsp red peppers, 1/4 tsp celery seed, dash salt, dash lemon pepper 1/2 tsp parsley. 1/4 tsp dill weed.

Steam One large head of cabbage in microwave for 7 minutes.

How to steam cabbage or (veggies): cut up cabbage how ever way you desire place in large glass bowl add 1/4 cup water and a little salt cover with plastic wrap poke a small hole in the top and cook on high in microwave for about 7 minutes.

while cabbage is in microwave add to the sauted meat 1 can of diced tomatoes (drained).

next add in the cabbage to the meat mixture and simmer on low hear for 10 to 15 minutes.

Enjoy !!!

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